Hall of Honors Convention

For over a decade Master Alan Goldberg has put together the largest Martial Art Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet on the Planet. With well over 1200 Dinner Participants and over 10,000 Visitors, the Convention is known as the largest gathering of Martial Art Enthusiasts on the planet.

Filled with the Top Vendors, Celebrity Guests, who Sign pictures, speak with the fans, as well as the best of the best in the Martial Art Business Education Seminars. If that wasn't enough there are over 30 Physical Seminar with some of the greatest martial art teachers in the world teaching their unique styles and methods. This is day that doesn't go on any where in the world. Check out our quick slide show of some of the amazing martial art masters, equipment suppliers and participants at our event.

Check out what some of our guests and celebrities had to say...

"Alan, Thank you very much for inviting me for my fifth Hall of Fame. I had a great time with you, as usual. Your event is the BEST that I have ever been to and I really appreciate the friendship that you have afforded me." Thank you again - Bill "Superfoot" Wallace

"No...Thank you Alan as I will be back and bring a lot of my Black Belts to be honored. Thank you again so much and I look forward to seeing you again soon." - Sincerely, Danny Lane"

"Hi Alan, Thank you for an amazing time....It only gets better ! Thanks for inviting me every year...." - Cynthia Rothrock

Joe Lewis, called me the other day, We started talking about your event and how professional it was and what great support you get from so many different Martial Artists! We compared notes to see if this was the largest event with the most true Masters of the Martial Arts present and we both came to the conclusion that not only was it the Biggest but the Best! My good friend Bernie Kerik enjoyed the event and told me to make sure to let him know when the event is going to be held next year, so he can make plans to come back! He was also impressed with the variety of Styles and Masters that were there." - Jeff Smith

"Sifu , you know I travel all over the world going to many Black tie events. Its no doubt , hands down this is one of the largest and classiest events I have ever been to. As long as my schedule allows me I will be there by your side!" - Joe Piscopo

"Alan , you did it again your event is in a class by its self . It is not only the biggest it the Best!" - Joe Lewis

"My Brother Alan , you have kept the standards high , and year after year you go one better . This is it ! I will always be there!" - Phil Morris
Master Goldberg - Congratulations on a wonderful turnout at your 9th Annual Action Magazine Hall-of-Honors event, 2009. It speaks volumes that you were able to attract so many fine martial artists, especially considering the current economic state that our country is experiencing.The event was a "Class A" production from start to finish. On behalf of my entire team, Thank You for all that you do in support of the larger martial arts community."
- Grandmaster Kenneth P. MacKenzie

"Wow! What a first class event. I have been to many martial art banquets over the years,and this was one of the best. From the comradeship amongst those in attendance. how organized it was, how well the presentation was, even the food was good. Great job to Sifu Goldberg and his staff." - Grandmaster John Beluschak

"Grandmster Alan Goldberg, Congratulations, this event was spectacular, run professionally, well attended and the food was excellent, The DON NAGLE AOKAINC SALUTES YOU, please continue your efforts to make this event and all who participate at the highest level, all in attendance were martial artists of respect and I am sure they will continue to support you and this hall of fame." - Thank you, Ralph D.Passero

"This is one event I never miss, I travel all over to events like this and I can say this is the classiest , elite event in the world . Alan even though we became good friends you over the years , you still treat me like a brother . the Best !" - Don The Dragon Wilson

"This is the Biggest , the best , martial arts event there is!" - Chuck Zito

"Love the event , I meet old friends and make lots of new one. You keep it real , with class and dignity." - Michael Jai White