Elite Business Forum

Coming in 2018
The Elite Business Summit Atlantic City


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What if one day could change your life?
What if one day could help you develop better students, systems and an A + plan for your school.

What if you could walk away with information that you could plug right in to your school and start getting amazing results.

Well that is exactly what happens at the Elite Business Summit!

Question - Who can attend the Elite Business Forum?
Answer - School Owners, Future School Owners and Staff!


Question - What will you learn?
Answer - Each participant will take away something different
depending on their level of comprehension. However, each seminars is loaded
with information that you can easily plug right into your school. One thing you can be sure of, is our amazing team of speakers and information is like no other.


Question - How much is it?
Answer - there are many different packages available to participants.
You can attend just the business forum or you can attend the expo.
Heck, might as well attend it all, the dinner,
the expo, the seminars (physical training) and the Awards Banquet.
We have special deals for all of them.


For more information on the seminars - please contact - Allie Alberigo - shihan


Take a look at the speakers scheduled to speak in 2018.......  Look below for the schedule of speakers and topics


Allie Alberigo - 7th Degree Black Belt

Allie is known worldwide for his martial art school success, having opened schools in Bermuda, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and throughout the U.S.. He has developed a system of education that has been helping 1000's of school owners throughout the world. Allie is the founder of www.takingittothenextlevel.com and online complete education for school owners as well as www.eliteinsites.com a complete comprehensive web development company. His seminars are known to be filled with easy to use, easy to implement content that is easy to understand. Allie's goal is to help you take the information learned and plug it right into your school for immediate change........ Allie will be speaking both on Friday and Saturday...

Duane Brumit

Mr. Brumitt is the founder and owner of Tri - Star Martial Arts Academy in Bradley, Illinois. Master Duane is an enthusiastic, high energy, articulate well spoke teacher and lecturer as well as published Author. He is frequently called upon to speak on a variety of topics bot in and out of the martial art industry. Duane is a very well versed in technology and an expert at getting it to work to your benefit.

In Duane's seminar he will share with you many ways to make the technology work to your advantage, teaching you many different ways to automate and make your life easier.

Business Seminars Schedule



If you attend our amazing martial art business seminars your expo fees for the day are included.